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You must read Bell Potter’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy which forms part of the Coppo Report’s Terms and Conditions.

Subscription Policy

  • The Coppo Report offers 4 paid subscription plans: One (1) month, three (3) months, six (6) months and twelve (12) months paid subscriptions are available.
  • Subscriptions are valid for the number of days in the subscription period and not for a prescribed number of reports, and apply whether or not you use the subscription.
  • Payment for a subscription is available at the price offered on the website or through any promotional offer at the time of payment.
  • Unless otherwise stated, subscription plans include GST. A Tax Invoice will be sent to you when you purchase a paid subscription plan.
  • Unless expressly agreed by us, subscriptions and the Coppo Report are strictly for personal or internal business use only.
  • Articles are generally published every Monday to Thursday after market close. You will receive an email notification when a new article is available on the website.
  • Your login details may be used on a maximum of five separate devices. Bell Potter Securities may monitor your usage of the Coppo Report via your account including concurrent use of your login details and/or the use of your login details on more than the maximum allowable devices and/or number of times an article has been read.
  • You may not share your log-in details or password with any other person. Each registration and subscription is for the personal use of the registered user or subscriber only.
  • Bell Potter Securities may impose limitations on you if at any time we form the view that your usage of the site and/or your volume of article views is unusual or excessive.
  • You have the option to renew your subscription. A notification email is sent to you a few days before your subscription expires. You are under no obligation to renew a subscription.

Cancellation Policy

  • The Coppo Report is written mainly for Institutions and Hedge Funds and may not suit certain audiences. Accordingly, you can cancel your paid subscription at any time and will generally be entitled to a pro rata refund for any unused months.
  • When you submit a notice to cancel your subscription, you will still be registered for and have access to the articles that were published during your paid subscription periods.
  • If any misuse of your log in details is detected or suspected (including concurrent use of your login details and/or the use of your login details on more than the maximum allowable devices and/or your volume of article views is unusual or excessive), your subscription may be terminated and you will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Furthermore, Bell Potter Securities may cancel your subscription without notice or liability if we determine that:
    • You have breached any portion of this Subscription Policy or the general terms and conditions for use on Bell Potter Securities website or,
    • Your use of or access to the Bell Potter Securities website(s) violates any applicable law or regulation or otherwise inhibits any other subscriber from using or accessing the Bell Potter Securities website(s) or any other service offered by Bell Potter Securities.